Thursday, 17 December 2009


Seattle looks like how it does in sleepless in Seattle! Really old, dusty, rundow (in a pretty way)!

OMG, it is sooo hilly there. riding around there was way more than i expected. We rode down this crazy hill called Denny, it was soo much fun!

This was a sick Bike trail that the city built under the freeway, it looks amazing!

I didn't know anyone in Seattle, I met Zach from ZLOG blog the night of the premiere , we clicked and were inseparable for the next 2 day! Thanks for everything Zach!
Their buses look weird.
Went to this cool streetwear shop called Goods.
This Nike SB Sleeping bag is nuts! Anyone how where I can buy it?
They have some cool structures there I like the shapes of their freeways and bridges.
My friend Tyler Johnson from The Revival came out to say hi! This is the 4th city we have met in now, it's a crazy small world!
Tyler and 'The Butcher!'...Revival Crew!
'The Butcher's' Vans was ghetto!
The best Mexican dessert! Tortilla wraps deep fried with chocolate inside!
We went to the famous Pacific Market. i didn't catch a fish, but it was cool. found this wicked books and zines shop, will post about that soon.
The first ever Starbucks opened in Pacific Market in Seattle.

This Dog was obese.
Zach works at Lucky Devil Tattoo Parlor so we went there to get some new tattoos!
The shop was overwhelming, so much to look at.

I got tattooed by Chad Ronilo...

I decided to get and anchor and some heart's, very Seattle!
I really like it!
Zach got tattooed too. He got a tiny fish, it is cute!

Thanks to everyone that made Seattle epic for me!

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