Friday, 30 July 2010


Here is the full video of the Nike Tied Together global relay from New York City + London + Milan + Berlin + Paris where Nike worked together with the charity RED to raise awareness of AIDs in Africa. I was very happy to be part of this. Some big names came out.

You can see photos/ videos of the relay here

Here is full version of "The Lazarus Effect" directed by Lance Bangs and produced by Spike Jonze that will give you more insight into the cause.

NEW YORK 2010 + BFF....

I went to NYC a few weeks ago in June an I'm missing it soo much already. New York was the reason I started this blog, whenI spent a lot of time traveling back anf forward there and working + playing, I missed London and wanted my friends at home to know what I was up to.
New York doesn't change much, it's just as great as it was when I first visited there and embraces everything I love about life... film, music, art, great stores and good people.

Suzette Lee + me.
Jessica + Suzette


I went for the Bicycle film Festival, it was soo much fun! Thanks Zach some of the photos.

Devon + Chris + Massan.
Tony Fast + Wonka.

Empire, 21010.
That city is notorious for roof parties..

Good People.


Here are some photos I developed of my Trip to Tokyo on June. Thanks to Yoon + Verbal, Hiroshi, Kim Jones Skate Thing and Toby for some great memories + food!

Mega Crue ...

Me + Hiroshi Fujiwara + Carri Munden..

Carri Munden x Blade Runner.

Best dinner with Skate Thing + Toby + Carri

These new Puritans.

Toby + Skate Thing + Kim Jones

Yoon + Carri + Me.

Me X Undefeated.


I always get on the bus at least once in every city I visit!

Friday, 16 July 2010


The lovely Radha is celebrating her birthday! It is going to be RAD... come.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I finally managed to get some photos from the Tokyo screening. Probably the best screening of then all!

Thanks to DEFRAG + HIDDEN for the photos

Al photos taken by JJ .. Thanks dude!

Shoot with DEFRAG...

Outside the screening .... Thanks t Champion Vision, FTC, Undefeated and everyone else for the support :)

It's about time to make the next one!