Friday, 26 March 2010


I am making a documentary about one of my best friends CARRI MUNDEN of CASSETTE PLAYA. I am soo hyped to be doing it, and thanks to Carri for letting me delve so deep into her life, her inspiration and beliefs all being what Cassette Playa is built on. It's not a day in the life doc, we took it there! It will coincide with the launch of her Cassette Playa Artist Series watch.

We shot at STONEHENGE, one of Britan's most mysterious prehistoric monuments, for it. We got there and filmed the sunrise, it was soo beautiful and magical!

Holiday snaps!

We met some Durids there. This is King Arthur. He was petitioning that the remains that were taken from STOBEHENGE for 'research' be returned to their rightful home. He was super cool! His set up was dope.

We were done by noon and headed home!


I haven't been watching 'HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA' at all, although I have heard so much about it. I absolutely love this episode "The Get By" which is all about Skating in NYC ... I love the way it was shot and I love the subjects the cover, especially the pros and cons of being a pro skater. It features the likes of Gino Iannucci, Anthony Pappalardo (one of my fav skaters), Quim Cardona, Jamal Williams, my good friend Todd Jordan and Luis Tolentino -----> who is the youngest skater in it, he's soo dedicated and can ollie so high it is insane!

I was sitting in Union Sq randomly last summer and saw LUIS TOLENTINO for the first time ripping, I got this sly shot on my filpcam!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


If I was in NYC next Monday this is where I would be...

If anyone goes you can buy me a birthday present...I really want a Vision or Blind board...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I've been thinking a lot about branding recently. 2010 everyone has a logo. Everyone is a brand now basically. Using their blog as a platform to sell themselves. our standards have dropped and there is very little quality control, which lessens our values of what we consider 'good'. No one is 'inventing' it makes me sad.

Creative Review, one of the most important graphic design and advertising magazines, turned 30 this year and really it's interesting that they have just rebranded themselves to help revive the need for actual print magazines. Read HERE. I don't love it, it's a little too throwback and I hate that they dropped the iconic "CR".

LOGORAMA is a great short film that is really imaginative. I love it. It showcases every brand, and every household name. EVERY LOGO and a bizarre story. I really love it!


Massan is probably the reason thousands of kids ride 'fixies'.

But unlike them he is the best person I have ever seen on a bike. He has soo much style, he makes everything look easy and he is in complete control.

He makes riding a bike look sexy. Straight. (I can say that 'cos he is like a bro to me)

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.


I have been meaning to update this for too long now, but like everyone else I have been extremely busy. I am also in the process of putting together my site, and I will move my blog over there soon. Never more than 6 hours sleep a night, but I am working on some really exciting films and projects, the first will be ready early April so I'll post more info in the coming weeks!

I can't believe I haven't travelled this year yet :(

This time last year I was in NYC getting ready for my birthday party, which all my friends flew out for!

Check it out HERE.

I want to go on a road trip.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Come check it ...



PALACE SKATEBOARDS is one of most legit things to come out of LONDON in a long time. It gets me excited!

They launched their site and promo video earlier this week. CHECK IT HERE