Friday, 4 December 2009


One hour's sleep, straight off the Eurostar, today was gonna be a big day!

The London Premiere was epic. I wanted to do it sort of D.I.Y. with everything very minimal. No frills, like a warehouse party!

I screened the film in a covered car park in Brick lane, the venue was sick. With the best HD projector I could afford. A bike powered projection courtesy of Cites In the Dark and homemade soup and patties.

The scariest thing is doing anything in your hometown. Everyone knows you! but everything went smoothly and the turnout was overwhelming! Thanks to everyone that made it out... If you didn't, you blew it!

Here are a few photos, more to come, off to San Diego now. Bye


Photos stolen from Fixed Gear London and Ollie Buzy and Tom Eton, thanks!