Wednesday, 9 December 2009


On Monday 7th Dec, i got the afternoon train from San Diego to LA. It was raining so hard in San diego that day, apparently it only rains 5 days a year, but I caught it :(

The train was the best way to travel from SD to LA. 2 1/2 hours of seeing how beautiful California is, no stressful check in, it's only $29 and you don't have to break you bike down . They have these cool bike racks and it's free!
When I got to LA, i'd brought the rain with me and it was pissing down :(

I met these lovely kids Mike and Jamil in San Diego at the premiere. They are soo sick on bikes, like the US equivalent of the kids Oscar, Mike and Gus! They live in LA and came to pick me up from the station in there Mercedez, they are only 17!!!! We went to Phillips for french dip for lunch!
It is freezing cold in LA but feels very Chrismassy in a cheesy film way!

Spending a lot of time with my new BF Hunny Bunny :)

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