Friday, 20 February 2009


Mickey Reyes gave me the tour of the DELUXE office, warehouse and factory. He ran me through how to make made from beginning to end, was pretty sick.

Driving to LA tonight!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I left NYC Wednesday morning for San Francisco. I've slept about 10 hours in the last 4 days...I'm mash. I was 3 hours early for my 10am flight, can you believe. Anyone that has flown with me knows that i'm a nightmare. I always get to the airport just in time, so i was impressed with myself and managed to get an earlier flight! SF is warm and lovely as always. All I did was sleep and send post cards ('cos they are cool!) xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Under 18...

So my ghetto wu look must make me looks very young. I keep getting IDed for cigarettes and they refuse to serve me.. you have t be 16 to smoke and 18 to buy. how embarrassing:(


I'm in NYC for 72 hours, came Sunday. It's cooool here, like bitter cold. I haven't slept more than 10 hours in 4 days am fading fast. I'm here for work and to see a few people. Haven't taken many photos but here:

Hung out with Jessica (the sweetest and coolest girl - full stop) At Chari and co - she just got a custom frame made for her bu Nemisis. Johnny Igei and Mike Hernandez come through and we went for dinner. I didn't take many photos so check Jessica's here ...

Saw Va$htie an party planned- she's helping me throw a party for my Birthday this April, it's gonna be BIG!

Went back to my old neighbourhood - saw the new Alfie, saw them building it in the summer everyday as i lived opposite - was quite underwhelming but has space for growth.

Met up with Brendt Barbur founder of the Bicycle Film Festival. He really looks like he's eating the last supper!


Thursday, 12 February 2009


My winter look definitely looks like i could be Meth's little sister. Layered up, beenies and Timberlands. I love Meth.. I got a love jones, for your body and your skin tone.. Those are the sort of lyrics you need to be bringing this Valentines Day!

Untitled from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


I'm making a 5 minute short film about space, power and the city. I'm shooting Posy and Juliet in it, yeah girls for once! They are amazing! We went and did a test shoot last week. It was freezing and snowing but still fun! Samantha Hart and Jordan Buck are shooting all the photos, some below... more to come in the following weeks.


So this started out as a holiday blog for friends and fams, but i just cant bring myself to delete it! So I'm back. I've been off road - but i'm back now and ready to go!