Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I left on Friday 4th Dec for a 15 hour flight to San Diego. My favourite thing about flying is when the plane sits just above the clouds for hours. It still seems surreal to me!

As soon as i got in, i built my bike and Dan from Leader Bikes USA, Massan, Terrence, Emi and DK came and picked me up. we went over to Matt Lingo, the dope photographer's, house and met up with everybody else and hit some bars. People in San Diego are sooo nice, it's a really young city, and the community vibe is great! I got in at 4am with no sleep for 36 hours, was soo tired!

I was staying in this cute hotel called The Lafayette on El Cajon, a really cool part of San Diego. It's quite cheap and really nice, they even have a pool! If you ever go there stay there.

The next Day was the Premire of London to Paris and The Revival, double feature. Me and Dan spent some time setting up woth the other guys Matt and John from Leader Bikes.
After Matt Hartless and Eddie took on a tour of San Diego. It is such a nice city to ride around, a few hills but that's always good!
These were the ships that pirates of the Carribbean were filmed on!
We hung out at 'The Fountain' in Balboa Park, that park is soo pretty, all the museums are in the park too so there was a lot to do .
My new BFF Terrence from The Heavy Pedal in Phoneix AX, one of the nicest people I have met in ages! I like SD alot!

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