Thursday, 17 December 2009

LA....DECEMBER 8TH - 11TH...

This is what I have been wearing for the last month. At least i am consistent!

LA was shit for me last time I was here because we were constantly stuck in traffic, this time I had my bike and it was much better. Josh and I rode around LA from silverlake to downtown. It's rally pretty but quite hilly, especially Beverly Hills (hence the name). I hate riding uphill.

There was this sick tunnel by Figueroa and 2nd street. It makes you ride really fast and just looks sick. I'm gonna film down there, check it out if you are ever around there.

I went to my favorite market Olvera. I went there last time I was in LA. They have loads of mexican stuff. I love all the religious jewellery and iconography. I love it. And all the little mexican ladies with their prayer cards make me smile.

These shoes would have been my new uniform but they didn't have my size :(

Donkey hoof... random

I want to wear this to my best friend Sharma's wedding!

I got some roseries, pins and prayer/ books and postcards. I'm sure they will make good references in the future!

That night we got hooked up with tickets to see Morrissey at Universal Studios. I love Moz and it was wicked as he did like 5 Smith songs! His new album is shit though. There were soo many Mexican's, OMG, I thought I was at the wrong show at first!

Got home at 1am and had a 6am flight to Porland, not fun :(

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