Thursday, 17 December 2009


Portland is pretty! Although it rained, and snowed the whole time i was there!

While there I stayed with my good friend (older brother) Chris Law aka and his family. I sat next to Claw when i got my got my job at Crooked Tongues, I was like 18 and he schooled me on soo much cool shit from bmx to metal. love him and his family.

Riding in Portland is great. It's really flat and everything is close together so it is easy to get around.

I met up with Brenton Salo, he's one of the few photographers that i really like at the moment. I saw the photo's he shot of my friend Juliet Eliott when she was in Portland in September, and was hyped wen he said we could shoot some photos! And he used the Hasselblad!

Plus he has this Morrissey shrine at his house which made me like him even more.

The weather was shit. Rain. we went to this cool cemetery where Gus Van Sant was shooting a scene fror his new film!

After I went to Virtue Tattoo, Sandy Jones new shop in Burnside. Sandy is soo dope, and just looks fucking cool. He played Dupstep and Garage the whole time i was there which reminded me of home! I got this lip tattoo which I had wanted since me and the girls went to NYC and they all got theirs!

I got to visit Burnside, the skatepark! It was raining but it looks wicked!

Claw's daughter Shyla is good at drawing! I love this piece she did. And she drew me a leaving gift!

Portland was great. I met some really nice people.

Next day I was going to get the 8.30am train to Seattle!

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