Monday, 15 June 2009


I love Shop 14. Since it's opening on Valentines day '09, Shop 14 Bike CO has rapidly become my meeting place when hooking up with people in east London.

I was there last Tuesday morning for a meeting with John, who co owns the store with Duncan, and somehow ended up leaving 7 hours later with a brand new beautiful bike!

The shops great. The vibe is awesome. The staff are welcoming.

I'd seen the frame on their blog a while ago and as soon as I saw it in the flesh I knew it had to be mine! The paint job is even stunning up close. It was sooo much fun choosing all the parts right there and then. on the spot, usually I like to plan exactly what I want, but this time the impulsiveness made everything even more special.

Most of the Fixed Gear London boys work there, Little Mikey Built my wheels (he's 17!) and the lovely Andy put it all together.

I ended up spending most of the day in the shop, helping out and just meeting all different people that come in on a regular day. I had a wicked day.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! I cannot wait to ride it in NYC this week!

CHECK for more photos...

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idefix said...

I absolutely agree, beautiful bike Grace