Tuesday, 30 June 2009


iphone photos until i get the ones I took on someone's camera.. I'll add them later!

The whole Anti Hero team were in NYC, they caused ciaos!

I <3 these 2

We went on a 40 mile ride to Coney Island and then Brooklyn Music Festival whic asa at Floyd Bennett Field, it RAINED but was still fun!

Coney Island rides are still there!

Ken the photographer.

Mrs + Baby Tony Trujillo :)

I made this video of the Festival. I was drunk and on a hype so theres lots of swaying and shaky hand!

BROOKLYN MUSIC FESTIVAL NYC 2009 from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Then we had a Tourist day out! Central Park + Times Square, neither of us had ever stopped at either! was fun taking the piss out of people.

TOURIST DAY OUT CENTRAL PK + TIMES SQ! from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

One night we stopped off at Union Square, Luis Tolentino was there fucking ripping, by himself, not giving a fuck! I love that kid, he's sick! That was the first time i ever saw him.

LUIS TOLENTINO UNION SQ JUNE 2009 from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Went to my fave breakfast spot Yuca Bar, 7th + Ave A with Johnny Utah!

Switched it up!

Final night, went to max Fish, everyone was out1

TY Supreme, my Fave Kid in NYC.

Massan Riding Bmx!

Ms. Lee

Massan and Kyle! Kyle is the fucking best, that's for EVERYTHING dude :)

OMGGGG... John is like Lenny, he has a fucking heavy hand. He broke my pedal putting my bike together! This lovely Mexican man, Juego at the hardware store pulled out all the stops to fix it!

The End

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