Monday, 14 June 2010

OSAKA ......

Early Rise we travelled from Tokyo to Osaka on the BULLET train, to hang out and for CASSETTE PLAYA SWATCH PARTY...

Road Trip!

Carri was in WOW mode...

We went to a MAID CAFE, look at the sweet chocolate drawings from the cute girls

My favourite thing about Japan is the photobooths, we spent hours in there!

I saw these Vintage Chanel shoes in a store, H100, 1/2 a size too small, I still think about them :(

Triple Denim

He knows wassup!
One of the films I had made was playing in the window of the swatch store!

The Party was at TRIANGLE ....

What you looking at?
Thw only way to the booth, sooo skectchy...

Mademoiselle Yulia was Djing

On London, Swiss and NY time..

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