Friday, 26 March 2010


I haven't been watching 'HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA' at all, although I have heard so much about it. I absolutely love this episode "The Get By" which is all about Skating in NYC ... I love the way it was shot and I love the subjects the cover, especially the pros and cons of being a pro skater. It features the likes of Gino Iannucci, Anthony Pappalardo (one of my fav skaters), Quim Cardona, Jamal Williams, my good friend Todd Jordan and Luis Tolentino -----> who is the youngest skater in it, he's soo dedicated and can ollie so high it is insane!

I was sitting in Union Sq randomly last summer and saw LUIS TOLENTINO for the first time ripping, I got this sly shot on my filpcam!

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