Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I've been thinking a lot about branding recently. 2010 everyone has a logo. Everyone is a brand now basically. Using their blog as a platform to sell themselves. our standards have dropped and there is very little quality control, which lessens our values of what we consider 'good'. No one is 'inventing' it makes me sad.

Creative Review, one of the most important graphic design and advertising magazines, turned 30 this year and really it's interesting that they have just rebranded themselves to help revive the need for actual print magazines. Read HERE. I don't love it, it's a little too throwback and I hate that they dropped the iconic "CR".

LOGORAMA is a great short film that is really imaginative. I love it. It showcases every brand, and every household name. EVERY LOGO and a bizarre story. I really love it!

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