Sunday, 22 March 2009


NEW YORK has been a whirlwind!

OK I left Sac on Monday and had to get a connecting flight which stopped off in Phoenix. It looked sooo sick there! The airport had Mexican spots in it so i could get a Burrito :) Got back to NYC at sunrise on Tuesday and met up with the London ladies Posy, Juliet and Sam, I fucking love these girls nooo joke they reignited my love for NYC, Thanks soo much ladies! We are were shooting a travel guide around the city on bikes. As well as just checking out their "scene".. sound a little cliche but wasn't at all. It was the most fun i've had this year. I was shooting while riding my bike and these girls go fucking fast sooo was soo crazy but soo much fun. Samantha Hart was doing all the photography. I don't think she put her camera down once, I'll add some of hers once she uploads.

We were living uptown on 90th we ended up riding sooo much every day, honestly at least 40 miles daily - it was tiring but worth every second!

We went riding with loads of people, too many to name, but Luke who is making the NY FG film Empire was tour guide! He was awesome.

Union Square

Posy drinking the worlds best drink apparently.

Lovely Sam with her new bike.

Williamsburg Bridge is a fucking bitch - but the view is beautiful.

Had a ride in Brooklyn with Jessica (my brother from another mother) and Suzette (she's a sick photographer and just all round RAD)was sooo nice.

Dr.Tony Fast took us for a great breakfast on Wednesday morning.

We went riding around Central Park.

Juliet and Posy did a quick shoot for Outlier.

This was the first time we sat down and enjoyed the sun!

We rode back along the river, on such a warm sunny day it was soo pretty. It didn't even feel like NYC.

We went to meet John Prolly who does Peel Sessionsat the banks for ride. Juliet was killing it with the tricks. She is going to blow up. one of the few girls in the 'tricks scene' that is actually really good.

Jack rolled with us that night. We ended up back at his. He lives in the most amazing warehouse.. i am soo jealous, i want to live there soo much.

We fell asleep watching... :)

Hangover Breakfast..

On the last day me a Juliet got flats. It was raining and it took me forever to change mine, was wack.

These are where my photos end there but when Sam uploads hers I'll add more.

Will post some footage next week xx


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