Friday, 30 July 2010

NEW YORK 2010 + BFF....

I went to NYC a few weeks ago in June an I'm missing it soo much already. New York was the reason I started this blog, whenI spent a lot of time traveling back anf forward there and working + playing, I missed London and wanted my friends at home to know what I was up to.
New York doesn't change much, it's just as great as it was when I first visited there and embraces everything I love about life... film, music, art, great stores and good people.

Suzette Lee + me.
Jessica + Suzette


I went for the Bicycle film Festival, it was soo much fun! Thanks Zach some of the photos.

Devon + Chris + Massan.
Tony Fast + Wonka.

Empire, 21010.
That city is notorious for roof parties..

Good People.


Obnoxious Owl said...

plus the boys are fiiiiiiiiineee

yoshi said...

yay i see some of my photos! =)