Friday, 9 October 2009

MY BOYS.....

I have been editing the film, London to Paris, for what feels like forever. The trailer goes up today. I have met sooo many amazing people in the last few years, but theses guys are my boys. Most of them I knew, some of them i didn't. We shared some moments i will never forget. I love these guys.

Massan Fluker. I've known for a few years, we became instant friends. My Brother. My friend. For life. He has the most control I've ever seen someone have on a bike. He's strong. He's got your back. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't really have done this. If i was a boy I'd have his voice (and style on a bike!).

Kyle Demers. I've know for equally as long. We didn't become immediate friends! I mistook his shyness for rudeness, we got over that though and are BFF's now. He's the backbone. That dude you can rely on. Cool and composed. Honest and loyal. I speak to kyle everyday. I can be myself, goofy! Fast and consistent on a bike. If I was a boy I'd have Kyle's eyes.

Andy Ellis! I love Andy. Mr. Fixed Gear London! One of the only people trying to kick shit off in London finally! FUCKING stronger than I ever knew on a bike, was always in the front 2. If i was a boy I'd have his drive.

SUPERTED. Best person I know that rides bikes, hands down. Alcoholic. Eats Shit. Never stops. Falls asleep everywhere. Funniest person you'll meet. You just don't know what you are going to get with Ted, he's like a constant surprise. If i was a boy I'd take it all!

Ryan Giese. Geezer. He should be British! He has our humour! Like Massan you'll just enjoy watching Ryan ride, it's all so natural and effortless. Ryan was at the front of the pack the whole, it was no big deal for him. If I was a boy I'd have his style.

Hal Takaharu. Soo polite and traditional. But a beast on the flip side, beers at every stop and parties hard!! Riding for him is easy and he was the fastest of the group. Had the most stamina. He played reggae the whole time and wore his SAG bag for the fun of it. If i was a boy I'd have his Stamina.

Steve Nishimoto. A man of few words, but when he talks everyone listens. He just glides on a bike. Smooth and focused. If i was a boy I'd have his grace.

Jupiter Desphy. Jups loves America! He loves his bike and he loves riding. Doesn't drink and is always smiling! One of the only guys to ride a road bike on the trip. It didn't faze him. If i was a boy I'd have his focus.

Hime Herbert you will either love or hate, he is a bit like Larry David. I love him! He was like the coach on the trip. He's that dude that will lighten every situation and boost boost morale. He sacrificed riding the trip so he could help us rive the van, what a gent. If i was a boy i'd have his dirty mouth!

Henrik Kuerschner. The Hero. One of the kindest guys you will meet. He overcame the most on the trip. There points i thought he wouldn't make it to the end. He was throwing up. Getting left in the back, but he knew what he came to do and he did it. I have the most respect for yyou Henrik. If i was a boy I'd have his heart.

Love you guys xx


Emil said...

Well Grace! From what I've seen from the trailer you're bloody talented. Really looking forward to seeing the whole film!

3PTZ said...

Your blog is rad! We love your style!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean that riding a road bike didnt faze him? gears would make it easier