Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Bicycle Film Festival London is over :( it was soo tiring BUT soo much fun. I have no digital camera and will process film this week.

My highlight was the BMX Jam put on by Carhartt, Dub Bmx and Seventies. It was the first time i had ever been on one and it was the mosst fun i'd had in ages. BMXer's are the bomb, they just don't give a fuck about getting hurt. Here are some photos that Sam Hart sent me. Video HERE

Stated at Wandsworth roundabout at 11 ended at tthe Barbican at 4.


NIKI CROFT was my favorite. He's hard. If he wasn't so young.....!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out and the great team, Brendt, Laura, Brailly, Casper, John and more. Posy and Juliet for the party and James Fairbank, Chris Harrision and all the other BMX dudes.

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