Wednesday, 6 May 2009


WARM - FAST - AND POSTIVE. It is Good to be home!

Last week was fixed mag 3 launch, they turned it around super fast and has the paert @ Ship 14!

I interviews Juliet Elliott for WAH MAGAZINE. You Can find it HERE. I Love Juliet. EXTRACT BELOW


As more and more ladies get onto their fixed gear bikes it's worth remembering that in London there is one girl who has always been the one to watch. Juliet Elliot is the queen of tricks and can always be spotted racing like a maniac down Kingsland Road to her humble Dalston home. Sponsored by Charge Bikes, she and her girl crew, including Posy Dixon and photographer Samantha Hart, make it their business to cycle in as many places as possible, having as much fun as possible and documenting it all along the way. A former model, she even inspired photographer Valerie Phillips to do a story on her for Cooler Magazine. Check the WAH TV section soon for a video interview...

Juliet Elliot
29 years old
From Sheffield
Lives in Dalston, London

You were a professional snowboarder for Burton and Gravis, when and how did that come about? What was the experience like?

After doing a season snowboarding, I went to the British Championships in Saas Fee and got hooked up by Vans. I have various sponsors over the years but was pretty stoked to get hooked up by Burton and Gravis after a few years. People sometimes slag off the larger companies, but Burton have consistenly invested in riders and in snowboarders and gave me a lot of support. It was cool being paid to go snowboarding but I struggled a little as I hated competing and I didn't realise at the time that it was possible to get out of doing competitions. Being sponsored, it's important to give a lot back to the company and I guess I thought that was how I should be repaying them. Nowadays, you can choose your path in snowboarding, and take your pic between various kinds of competitions or concentrate on filming video parts.

We Have been Baking Cakes for THE RESET

Video here!

Ummm... more to come!

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