Sunday, 19 October 2008


Okay sooo I've been wack at this blog shit. I know this post is going to take forever to do, so I have been avoiding it! I've been San Francisco shooting a project that i am working on since the 3rd October and just got back to NYC today, I'm fucking burnt out! So I'll try and do a rundown in a few posts, don't know if it'll make sense but here it goes...

My mate Massan and I went on a road trip to California!!I love red eye flights cos it's always so beautiful to look at the sun rising. The clouds look like crashing waves, probably my favourite part of flying.

Mi Casa.. We stayed in amazing 3 storey apartment in the heart of Mission, 5 minute bike ride to everywhere. My bedroom was a whole floor, probably bigger than my whole house in London!

We had a huge lift..

And and amazing view :-)

San Francisco is the most amazing city to ride in, the hills are 'Straight Gnarl!' it's insane. We did a lot of riding and a lot of shooting with some amazing people!

It was Rob's birthday (the dude with the handle bar tash)

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