Friday, 5 September 2008


I did soo much today! First off we went to Coney Island to go on the Cyclone. It was the first time any of us had been so we were all hyped! Plus it closes in a few weeks so it really is the last time we can di it. John and Julien rode 2 hours to get there! They only went on one ride! Charly's face and arm got busted on the Cylone, it was all bleeding and shit. The Cylone is like death, not because of the drops but because you feel like that shit is going to fall apart. Tracks were missing and we ran over over a squirrel.

Grandma's prediction was true!

Charly and Flow. London Posse.

John taught me how to shoot.

Then Charly and i went to Bayside in Queens to my mate Bert Kraks tattoo shop. 2 tatts in half hour, he is serious. Then we went to the sickest reggae night!

Then we got the ferry to Staten Island in the middle of the night 'cos John had never been. We sat outside at the front and drunk cider from a bottle, bums.

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